Latest version: 2012-11-06. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch (no Android version available).

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We pray Android and Windows Phone users to please forgive us for not finding the time and budget required to develop our apps for other systems.
Discover the beauties of Switzerland with this brand new Pictorial Guide!

In January 2011, published its very first iOS app, SwissVU, mainly devoted to the photo galleries of its cultural and touristic webportal. It was just a few months before the release of the first iPad.

Autumn 2012: here's SwissVU2, also devoted above all to our photo galleries, but now with a screen resolution fitting your iPad too!

If you plan holidays or a stay in Switzerland, this app will show you the best places to visit. And if you are a resident in Switzerland, we bet you'll discover beautiful places you've never heard about!

From little-known picturesque villages to world famous tourist destinations, along crystal blue lakes and over high Alpine peaks, this app shows you many Swiss highlights, always starting with spectacular and unusual photos, then giving you all basic informations, coordinates, and useful links to official websites.

This app is not an update but a brand new version of the former SwissVU, totally redesigned and universal for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

It features a special focus on the oldest Swiss Cantons (the "Waldstätten": Uri, Schwyz, and Unterwald) and many new snapshots from all over the country.

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