Latest version: 2015-06-04. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch (no Android version available).

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This guide is an ideal companion for your trips in Switzerland.

It features maps you can use without connection, that display your current location with suggestions about cities, towns and other places worth the visit around you.

When traveling abroad, the cost of data roaming is so prohibitive that we have to rely on the hotel wi-fi (sometimes with a fee) or to find a restaurant or bar which offers free internet access to its customers.

But you are now on the road or in a train, away from any connection... Is there any interesting place worth the visit in the area? SwissMaps shows you where you are and which nearby POIs may seduce you!

Relief map, markers and abstracts in English are embedded in the app, so no connection is needed, the integrated GPS of your iPhone or iPad does the job.

And when you're connected, SwissMaps offers you more: detailed informations, photos, links, GPS coordinates, contact addresses...

More than 250 places in Switzerland and in neighboring areas are currently featured, and our guide is constantly being expanded. Switzerland is a small country, but you will be amazed by its diversity and the number of places you should definitely see!
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