iSwitzerland Guides

The whole Switzerland and some neighbouring regions in your pocket

A collection of guides for iPhone and iPad focused on Switzerland. 100% free, no hidden costs, no in-app purchases, no invasive advertising.

(Sorry, no Android and Windows Phone versions at the moment.)
Montreux, Vevey, La Tour-de-Peilz, and the Swiss Riviera in your pocket! A discovery guide featuring all POIs and maps you can use without connection. (Latest version: 2017-01-10)
A Lake Geneva (Lake LĂ©man) pictorial and interactive guide, in Switzerland and in France (with embedded maps). (Latest version: 2016-01-10)
A discovery of the Western Prealps and Alps, in France, Switzerland, and Italy (with embedded maps). (Latest version: 2015-12-01)
A journey around the highest Alpine summits, peaking over 13,000 feet above the sea (with maps you can use without connection). (Latest version: 2015-11-30)
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