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Montreux, nicknamed "The Pearl of the Swiss Riviera", is a small Swiss town spread along Lake of Geneva and on the slopes of the mountains.

It hosts the world-famous Montreux Jazz Festival in July, a beautiful Christmas Market in December, and many more events all year long. It's rather a constellation of villages than a big town, and this app is about what you should absolutely see when visiting the place.

It's about Montreux and some of its villages (Clarens, Territet, Les Planches, Les Avants, Caux), the nearby village of Veytaux (where you may visit the famous Castle of Chillon), the cool Gorges du Chauderon (Baye river wild gorge), and the breathtaking Rochers-de-Naye (the Prealpine summit above the lake).

It features some 200 photos to give you an idea of how beautiful is this little area of Switzerland, and various useful informations (situation maps, events guide, latest news of iSwitzerland, links to other free apps). For more information about Montreux, the Swiss Riviera, Lavaux, and Switzerland, get the other free apps of the collection too!

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