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Lakes, mountains, fine food, exquisite wines, tradition, authenticity, historic places, dolce vita, amazing landscapes, glaciers, snow, green pastures... This is Switzerland!

This small country in the heart of Europe is a little jewel with many facets, from the polar wilderness of high peaks to the Mediterranean mildness of the lakeshores. Discover Switzerland with this pictorial guide!

As a bonus, discover places located in Liechtenstein and in neighbouring European regions, in France, Italy, Germany, and Austria!

Once a confederation of independent states, Switzerland has been a federal state since 1848, with each canton retaining its own constitution and various autonomous institutions within the overall framework defined by the Swiss Constitution. Landlocked between Switzerland and Austria, the tiny Principality of Liechtenstein is independent but tightly associated with Switzerland.
Switzerland is surrounded by four countries that are part of the European Union: France in the west, Germany in the north, Austria in the east and Italy in the south. A fifth country, Liechtenstein, is sandwiched between Switzerland and Austria. Switzerland and Liechtenstein are not part of the European Union but are part of the Schengen area and borders are free to cross.
Swiss Regions
In continuation of the Lavaux vineyards, the Riviera lines up its towns and villages on the northeast shore of Lake Léman (Lake Geneva), from Vevey to Villeneuve through La Tour-de-Peilz and Montreux, in the foothills of the Alps.
Above the lakeshore, villages of the Riviera Heights are staged on the foothills of the Alps, often offering spectacular views of Lake Geneva and the Alps. It's a real paradise for hikers!
Between Lausanne and the Swiss Riviera, Lavaux is a spectacular area of terraced vineyards, listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. This is a very special terroir that produces some of the greatest wines of Switzerland.
The Swiss Chablais is the large plain where the Rhône River, past the narrow gorge of Saint-Maurice, flows lazily towards Lake Geneva. Above the left bank stand the Chablais Alps and, above the right bank (a famous winegrowing region), stand the Vaud Alps.
Lausanne, capital of the canton of Vaud, and neighboring Morges constitute an urban area sandwiched between the vineyards of La Côte, stretching west to Geneva, and those of Lavaux, extending east up to the Swiss Riviera.
Between Geneva and Lausanne, from the lakeshore to the Jura mountain range, stretches an area known as La Côte ("The Coast"). Urban and rural at the same time, it is dotted with small towns and villages set in vineyards that produce quality wines.
A reversed world: Mediterranean mildness to the north, Alpine wilderness to the south. And green pastures and medieval cities all around. A really beautiful area, with highly varied landscapes.
A long valley stretched in the Prealps: Pays-d'Enhaut (French-speaking) to the west and Saanenland (German-speaking) to the east. Most famous destinations are Château-d'Oex and Gstaad.
Lakes Neuchâtel, Biel, and Murten are three jewels set at the foot of the Jura mountain range. The sun-drenched northern shore of each lake is a winegrowing area, and there are half a dozen cities definitely worth a visit.
The northern part of the Vaud Canton, in the Jura mountain range, is full of nice surprises. Blue lakes, amazing caves, green pastures, beautiful landscapes will seduce you for sure!
The Jura mountains stretch almost from Geneva to Basle, and cross Neuchâtel heights. It's the land of absinthe and watches, of green valleys, and of breathtaking viewpoints.
This part of the mountain range is a Swiss Canton, which belonged to Bern until 1979. Nowadays, it's split in two, the southern area still being part of Canton Bern.
We have arbitrarily grouped the north of Canton Bern (except Bern Jura) and Canton Solothurn in this area. Both towns rank among the most beautiful of Switzerland, and the hinterland is worth the visit too.
South of Canton Bern offers breathtaking sights, with world-famous destinations as Grindelwald and Interlaken, the amazing Jungfrau, Lakes Thun and Brienz, and many more natural jewels.
It's the French-speaking part of Canton Valais, long valley carved by the Rhône river between two chains of high peaks. Side-valleys where flow the tributaries of the Rh&one;ne are incredibly picturesque!
It's the Wallis, as the eastern part of Valais speaks German. As the French-speaking Valais, it's a region producing exquisite wines. The side-valleys climb to world-famous destinations as Zermatt, Saas Fee, Leukerbad...
That's where it all started centuries ago... Three little Forest States that made an alliance and were soon joined by Luzern and many others... Switzerland was born!
Mediterranean atmosphere south of the Alps, in the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland. Blue lakes and wild hinterland climbing up the alpine valleys... For Swiss people, Ticino means holidays!
The southeastern part of Switzerland, from the gentle Rhine river valley to the blue lakes of Upper Engadin. World-famous destinations as Davos and Sankt Moritz, and an incredible variety of beautiful landscapes.
Basle, Zürich, Schaffhausen... Big and lively towns, but the countryside is nice too, and you have to see the magnificent Rhine Waterfalls and the ancient Augusta Raurica.
The shores of Lake Konstanz (Bodensee), the gigantic abbey of Sankt Gallen, the gentle hills of Appenzell, the panoramic view from Mount Säntis... so many places to see!
Neighbouring European Regions
The south shore of Lake Geneva, except at its eastern and western ends, belongs to neighbouring France. A mild Riviera atmosphere on the lakeshore, but the green hinterland rises steeply to the French Alps. To the west, the Genevois region encircles Geneva and joins the French Jura.
From Geneva to Basel, Switzerland's northwestern border bisects the Jura mountain range, which is less high and wild than the Alps, with large pastures, wide valleys and beautiful forests. Further north, the Rhine forms the border between France and Germany, with the Vosges mountains and the Alsace plain on its left bank.
As the Matterhorn stands on the Italian border, we decided to have a look at it from the other side... So we started exploring the north of Italy, from Aosta Valley to South Tyrol...
From Basel to the Austrian border, Switzerland is bordered on the north by Germany. The border follows the Rhine to the gates of Schaffhausen, then becomes tortuous up to Lake Constance, whose northern shore is German until the Austrian border. This region is the southern part of Baden-Württemberg and it is full of surprises, from picturesque towns to high quality wines.
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